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This portion of the site is intended for research papers and market commentaries of interest to institutional options investors.

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Aon Hewitt
"Harvesting the Equity Insurance Risk Premium: Know Your Options" (December 2014)

AQR Capital Management
"Covered Calls Uncovered" (November 2015)
"Still Not Cheap: Portfolio Protection in Calm Markets" (August 2015)
"Embracing Downside Risk" (January 2017)
"Understanding the Volatility Risk Premium" (May 2018)

Artemis Capital Management
"Dennis Rodman and the Art of Portfolio Optimization" (April 2016)
"Volatility at World's End - Volatility Visualization Video" (April 2012)

Asset Consulting Group
"An Analysis of Index Option Writing for Liquid Enhanced Risk-Adjusted Returns" (January 2012)
"Key Tools for Hedging and Tail Risk Management" (February 2012)

Berenberg Asset Management
"The Rising Use of Short Volatility Strategies: Separating Fact from Fiction" (August 2017)

Cambridge Associates, LLC.
"Highlights from the Benefits of Selling Volatility" (2011)

DGV Solutions
"After the Volpocalypse" (Feb 2018)

Employees Retirement System of Texas
"Use of Option Strategies to Improve Risk-Adjusted Returns on a 60/40 Investment Portfolio." (July 2016)

Feldman, Barry, and Dhruv Roy
"Passive Options-Based Investment Strategies: The Case of the Cboe S&P 500 BuyWrite Index." (Summer 2005)

Fund Evaluation Group
"Evaluation of BuyWrite and Volatility Indexes: Using the Cboe DJIA BuyWrite Index (BXD) and the Cboe DJIA Volatility Index (VXD) for Asset Allocation and Diversification Purposes" (Jan 2007)

Gladius Capital Management LP
"Low Volatility Environment" (June 2017)
"Volatility Strategy Effects on the US Implied Volatility Surface" (July 2017)

Hewitt EnnisKnupp
"Evaluating the Performance Characteristics of the Cboe S&P 500 PutWrite Index" (Dec 2008)
"The Cboe S&P 500 BuyWrite Index (BXM) - A Review of Performance" (2012)

Ibbotson Associates
"Highlights from Case Study on BXM Buy-Write Options Strategy" (Aug 2004)

IPS Strategic Capital
"A Study in Portfolio Diversification with the use of VIX Options" (2016)

Parametric Portfolio Associates
"Insights and Research"

Russell Investments
"Strategy Spotlight Considerations in Volatility Trading" (May 2014)
"Capturing the Volatility Premium through Call Overwriting." (December 2010)

S&P Dow Jones Indices
"Global Applications of S&P 500® Sectors" (March 2018)
"Capturing the Index Effect via Options" (June 2008)
"A Practitioner's Guide to VIX®" (Dec 2017)
"Reading VIX®: Does VIX Predict Future Volatility?" (Nov 2017)
"VIX®: Beyond the Basics" (Dec 2017)

SIGLO Capital Advisors
"Rebalancing Using Options" (2014)

University of Massachusetts
"VIX Futures and Options-A Case Study of Portfolio Diversification During the 2008 Financial Crisis" (Full version)" and 2-page summary

Whaley, Robert
"Risk and Return of the Cboe BuyWrite Monthly Index" The Journal of Derivatives (Winter 2002), pp. 35-42.


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